James Allastair Muir

GatehousegalleryMy art is all about process. With each new canvas a world of potentiality opens up, and my personal psych rushes in to actualize what lies dormant in the canvas. One action, one stroke of the brush, initiates the next: a causality chain is born of my mind, and played out on the canvas. The process becomes a dance between my consciousness and the semi-random effects of the materials. I try to give control to the paint and the laws of nature at times, and other times I attempt to take some control back. And back and forth the process goes.

go forth to paint with the belief that humanity is currently undergoing one of the most dramatic paradigm shifts of our brief history on this planet, and that this shift is affecting every individual on the planet, to a greater or lesser extent. Call me crazy. Artists have been called crazy many times before, and many times they weren’t.

We live in a world of infinite potentiality, and right now we have a choice in what actualizes in our world. We can make the world be like it should be, we can paint that picture.

James Allastair Muir

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